The  CMCE is an electric field compensator designed to prevent the formation of electrical phenomena.

By deionizing its environment of electrical, electromagnetic and magnetic contamination, the lightning suppressor eliminate lightning formation and protect your most valuable assets.

The CMCE deionize the ambient electrostatic charges to create and maintain a balanced electric environment, the technology allows to prevent streamer emission and decrease the magnetic field which eliminate formation of lightning strike in the protected area.

Therefore, the CMCE avoid all  the undesirable lightning currents effects as well as associated risks (no electrical hazards, no electromagnetic effects and no lightning surges). 

In 1916, Nikola Tesla demonstrated that the use of a large round-shaped lightning protection system made it possible to regulate the electric environment and avoid lightning strike.

The lightning suppressor CMCE have been designed following Tesla’s principles in order to eliminate potential difference between ambient atmosphere and protected structure.

By absorbing and draining excess charges to the grounding system, the CMCE avoids the excessive concentration of opposing electrostatic charges which prevents the streamer emission. 

CMCE application

The wide range of CMCE allows to protect any structure from lightning whether it is a land or marine installation, including facilities with high risk of fire or explosion (ATEX) zones) & wind turbines through special design.

Since 2012, many sensitive sites which had recurring troubles linked to lightning have been equipped with lightning suppressors and no more lightning strike incident occurred from installation.

LPS Pacifica Co., Ltd is specialized in direct strike lightning protection, earthing systems and indirect surges effect.

Passionate about our profession, we are constantly looking for the most relevant solutions to ensure people safety and to protect their properties from risk and damage related to lightning phenomenon. 

Our field experience has shown that Franklin lightning rods are not suitable for providing the expected safety. 

Conversely, lightning suppressors CMCE allows to eliminate streamer emission and prevent lightning formation, we believe this outstanding technology will make a real difference in solving lightning troubles.

In order to guarantee all our clients effective long-term solutions, we are working in close partnership with manufacturers and local experts, sharing our theoretical knowledge and our field experiences to establish the best lightning protection practices.

Our partners regularly benefit from the most comprehensive training in lightning protection field following international standards to design, install and perform proactive maintenance services.