Lightning Protector CMCE

Eliminates lightning formation

The lightning suppressor CMCE is an electric field compensator designed to deionize its environment of electrostatics charges in all directions at 360°.

When the ambient electric field is changing, the CMCE reacts by absorbing and draining excess charges in harmless milliamperes through the down conductor.

This operation eliminates streamer emission and avoids lightning strike formation on protected area. 


SERTEC S.R.L is the manufacturer of the lightning protection device CMCE to protect installations against atmospheric discharges in areas such as Industry, Mining, Telecommunications, Data centers, Commerce, Hospitals, Houses, Golf courses etc.

SERTEC S.R.L company

CMCE models

The CMCE technology ensures a protection radius ranging from 25m to 120m depending on the model selected with protection level I.

It should be install 3 meters from the highest point of area to protect ( Δh = 3m ).



CMCE Sertec 120


CMCE Atex 120

CMCE High Vibration

CMCE High Resistance

CMCE Grapheno

This innovation is based on the properties of Graphene since one of the fundamental characteristics of this material is it great conductivity even superior to the copper.It is estimated to be 200 times stronger than steel and at the same time is light as carbon fiber. 


Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia Industrial

High Voltage Comparative Tests in the INTI according to NFC-17100, where the comparative difference is that there are no lightning discharges.

CMCE vs Franklin rod

High voltage laboratory tests

ENAC : Entidad Nacional de Acreditacion

ITE : Instituto Technologico de la Energia

General tests (Section.c.3.1UNE21186: 2011 // NF C17-102: 2011) Test: Documentation, information and identification (C.3.1.1)Test: Marking (C.3.1.2)

A.2. Mechanical tests (Section.c.3.2 UNE21186: 2011 // NF C17-102: 2011) Test: Mechanical tests (C.3.2)
A.3 Environmental tests (Section.c.3.3UNE21186: 2011 // NF C17-102: 2011) Test: Salt spray test (C.3.3.1)

Test: Test in sulfurous humid atmosphere (C.3.3.2)
A.4 Current test (Section.c.3.4UNE21186: 2011 // NF C17-102: 2011)
Test: Current test (C.3.4)
TO 5. Priming advance tests (Section.c.3.5UNE21186: 2011 // NF C17-102: 2011)
Test: Determination of the progress in the PDC priming (C.3.5.3 UNE 21186: / C. NF C17-102: 2011)

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