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Alert@ir XT

Alert@ir XT is warning equipment that adapting on all existing lightning protection installations (Franklin rods, faraday cage, tensioned cables, and ESE technologies). Its fast installation on all types of down conductors allows sending emails alerts in real time when a lightning strike occurs on the building which will facilitate scheduling preventive and corrective maintenance operation on LPS.

Alert@ir XT technology

To support maintenance procedure and reduce its cost operation, Alertair XT is setup with Contact@ir radio transmitter which allows collect the data “Lightning Strike Event”.

Equipped with a photovoltaic cell "low light energy", “Contactair” just needs 3 hours of light per day to work 24h / 24 and perform 1 diagnosis every 100 seconds.

This diagnosis is forwarded by radio communication to “Rou@ir receiver” which must be set up on site.

Rout@ir receiver

Rout@ir is a receiver which allows collecting Alert@ir XT data and forwarding this on dedicated platform. Rout@ir will be connected to internet by login to onsite WiFi or by mobile data (3G) if the site doesn’t provide internet connection.

Once Rout@ir install on site, you will receive lightning strike alert by email in each lightning strike event. This device is the right module to upgrade any LPS installation and provide in real time information to ensure efficiency and permanent protection.

Installation Alert@ir

Alertair XT can be placed below the lightning strike counter directly on the lightning down-conductor.

Alert@ir system allows upgrading all existing LPS installation without replacing the current air terminal. Its function is only to provide “Strike Alert” in order all maintenance operations can be schedule after lightning strike which means when the LPS is the most critical (every lightning strike will change soil resistivity of grounding and probably decrease LPS efficienciency).

Thanks to its universal fastenings, Alert@ir can be set up and works on any type of existing down conductor either flat or round (Copper tape, copper wire).


Alert@ir XT can be used on all type of direct lightning protection whatever the LPS is conventional (Franklin rods, singles rods, Faraday, Cage mesh and tensioned cables) or conventional ESE technologies. Indeed, Alert@ir XT will be fix on existing downconductors.

This new technology is dedicated to all sensitive LPS installation as airports, telecommunication networks, sensitive industries (chemicals, oil and gas, production factories, power plants and all kind of buildings (commercials, hotels and schools).

LPS France manufacturer

Alert@ir XT is manufacturing by LPS France Company in order to meet standard compliance during all the lifecycle of the LPS installations.

Nota: “An outside protection against lightning with a lightning rod must be checked every year and after each lightning strike to ensure its good working order.”

Source NFC 17-102 – September 2011.

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