Protection of high rise buildings (height greater than 60 m)

When the structure is higher than 60 meters, the ESE technology cannot provide the same performances than usually and additional protection which are using in conventional lightning protection (faraday cage) must be set up.

“Additional protection against direct lightning strike for the highest 20% of the structure height for buildings greater than 60 m or any point above 120 m, using ESEAT or any other means must be implemented at each façade wall according to a valid standard.

Furthermore a minimum of 4 downconductors, interconnected by a ring conductor when applicable, shall be used, distributed along the perimeter and if possible at each angle of the building.”

NOTA: in general the risk due to the lateral flashes is low because only a few percent of all flashes to tall structures will be to the side and moreover their parameters are a lot lower than those of flashes to the top of structures.”

Source: NFC 17-102 – September 2011.

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