LPS Tester: Online Monitoring

Contactair system

Contact@ir System is a remote management solution developed by LPS France in order to support preventive and corrective maintenance operation on lightning protection system.

Rout@ir receiver

Rout@ir is a receiver which allows collecting all LPS France products diagnostics and forwarding this data on dedicated platform. This device can be connected to internet by login to onsite WiFi or by mobile data (3G) if the site doesn’t provide internet connection.

Once Rout@ir install on site, you will be able to perform online monitoring by web and follow up your installation in real-time whatever the place you are.

Moreover, remote monitoring allows to warn user(s) in real-time when LPS installation is stroke by lightning (Email Alert).

Online monitoring


  • Serial number
  • Installation data
  • Download Authenticity certificate
  • Download product warranty


  • Chronology of previous diagnostic
  • Notes of previous users

Online Diagnostic

  • Online Diagnostic
  • Product integrity
  • Communication quality

In real time warning

  • Email Alert
  • Lightning Intensity level
  • Technical support & maintenance procedures

Online LPS management

Once your personal account opens on www.contact-platform.com, you will be able to manage all your lightning protection devices by web.

Contact@ir system solutions allows right follow up of all your protected sites and will support you to schedule preventive & corrective maintenance required thanks to real-time alerts when your LPS is struck by lightning.

This information sent by email to final user and installer allows maximum reactivity and ensures optimal efficiency of your LPS during its lifecycle.

  • Remote diagnostic
  • Online Monitoring
  • Lightning Strike Alert by email

Nota: “An outside protection against lightning with a lightning rod must be checked every year and after each lightning strike to ensure its good working order.”

Source NFC 17-102 – September 2011.

Download our product page in PDF here: