Email alert in case of lightning strike event

Alert@ir XT is warning equipment that adapting on all existing lightning protection installations (Franklin rods, faraday cage, tensioned cables, and ESE technologies). This technology allows sending emails alerts in real time when a lightning strike occurs on the building which will facilitate scheduling preventive and corrective maintenance operations on LPS.

Why upgrade an LPS installation with Alert@ir XT?

Most of ESE or Franklin lightning rods can be struck several time without being affected, their capabilities to “catch” the lightning strike is already tested in laboratories so you may wondering what is the purpose of this technology?

Indeed, Alert@ir is not really made to control your lightning rod … as you probably know once you “catch” the lightning strike the most important thing is to drive and disperse lightning current into the ground in a very short time.

During the dispersion, this huge quantity of energy will heat the ground and produces a phenomenon of crystallization of the earth (fulgurite formation), which will reduces the contact surface of earth rods with the ground and will affect the resistivity of the soil.

A perfect quality of the earth termination system is a crucial element to ensure the efficiency of all lightning protection technologies (Single rods, Mesh cage, ESE lightning rod...).

To ensure LPS efficiency, regular measurements of the soil resistivity must be carried out and especially after each lightning strike event. The resistance value is expressed in ohms (Ω), NFC 17102 standard recommends soil resistance value lower than 10 Ω and the lower the soil resistivity , the better the lightning current dispersion into the ground. The soil resistivity can be enhanced thanks to additional earth rods and/or enhancement powder.

Thanks to the “Lightning Strike Alert” provide by “Alert@ir XT technology”, a reactive maintenance can be performed on grounding system when resistance value becomes the most critical and this is the main interest of this technology.


“An outside protection against lightning with a lightning rod must be checked every year and after each lightning strike to ensure its good working order.”

Source NFC 17-102 – September 2011.

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