How to test your ESE Air Terminal by smartphone

Usually, when you need to test your lightning rod on your lightning protection system, you must climb on the roof, disassemble the mast in order to recover the lightning rod. Then several test will be carry out depending the manufacturer specifications to check the operation status of this rod. This maintenance operation is often made in 2 hours by 2 peoples.

With Paraton@ir technology, you will perform this diagnostic remotely using your smartphone equipped with the App of LPS France and it will take only 2 minutes to test Paraton@ir. Indeed, a small tester is installed on Paraton@ir to transmit product diagnostic by radio communication, this tester called “Contact@ir transmitter” is working thanks to solar energy and is totally autonomous. A radio receiver will be used to get back this diagnostic and test remotely your product.

“Contact@ir System” technology allows going farther than a standard diagnostic, thanks to “Rout@ir receiver” all the diagnostics (1 every 2 minutes) will be send on a dedicated server where you will monitor your devices in real time. Also, this system is able to measure lightning strike intensity when the terminal is struck by lightning and you will receive an “Alert” by email to inform you about this event. This proactive system will help you to perform preventive and corrective maintenance to always ensure maximum LPS efficiency.

More details about Contact@ir System:

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